Watch Your Step

cold cold floor...

sticker!An applique embroidered right onto an American Apparel shirt of your choice. (mens/unisex is 2001, ladies basic tee is 2102, but others are possible, go shopping and let me know what you’re thinking)

Just like the helpful sticker I see every day on the train, I’ve used solid yellow fabric. But really, any type or color of fabric and thread would be fine, including the Halloween fabric I posted earlier. Spider webs fabric embroidered with glow thread letters on a black shirt could be very awesome. Interested? You’ve got one week to decide.

watch your step, it's dangerous out there

Watch Your Step $25
Design run of 2/07/2010 through 2/13/2010

shirt size and style
thread and fabric

Notes: The applique has an unfinished edge, and the shirt that’s pictured has been washed to demonstrate the small amount of fraying that should be expected. I don’t expect it to fray any more than pictured. It’s an added texture that I liked in addition to the almost sketchy nature of the lettering, as if they were hand shaded with a pencil.

fraying close-up