TWITTER [as you like it]


I will embroider with GLOW thread on ANY American Apparel shirt color/style you choose ANY twitter user name you choose. It can be your user name, or it can be @tinyrun or someone else you respect/admire/stalk. Any AA shirt I can get wholesale. Any combination of glow or other thread even. I got mad colors. We can go crazy. Let’s do that.

TWITTER [as you like it] $25
Design run of 11/11/2009 through the end of 2010…

In the note of the order you must include the shirt style (2001, 2102, etc.) the shirt color (black, black/white for ringers and such) and color thread (glow or something more specific) and the twitter username (@tinyrun, @yourname, etc.), got it? If you want something that takes more than 100 characters to explain, just drop an email to michael ((at)) and we can work that shit out NO PROBLEM.


tweet tweet!

what a little cutie on the nape, there!

@twinschick1's bird@fattyrobers

the symmetry of two w's and vertical i and l is a thing of beauty


trying to capture the glow...


@theyentareport's bird (from her third shirt!)@theyentareport

in daylight paul and storm matchbut by night, they show their...custom individual glowier sides...

@fattyroberts' 2nd bird!

bird! bird!@steveellwood

@heidib's custom hoodie!

@jakekirkendall@tinyrun for @jadesnake

I really do like twitter. I know I’m tired of hearing about it, but I am far from tired of using it. It just parses better than any other feed that I’ve come across. I enjoy the type and breadth of content it provides me: from all the antics and word play of the webcomic artists I follow, to the full on creative masterminds of Hazel Dooney, Amanda Palmer, and Hugh Macleod, to Wil Weaton talking to his pets. And I like that it allows people to easily speak to me. It just goddamn works.