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    True Star

Hilesh Patel's True Star

$20 tshirt | $35 hoodie

(orders are taken through Sunday June 7th)

It is in these times that a reissue of the classic Hilesh Patel design True Star is really a comfort. I need to replace mine from EIGHT YEARS ago. So yeah, I'd like some 2012, yes, please. But that was actually the first reissue. Hilesh's True Star shirt was the first tinyrun in 2008.

Do you want more comfort? Try a hoodie this time. Classic to tinyrun timing of designs, it's available now as we ramp up to the hot as hell summer months in the northern hemisphere.

Mens/Unisex Tshirt

  • Unisex sizing
  • Shoulder taping
  • Side-seamed
  • Tear away label

Hilesh's True Star Mens/Unisex

Ladies Cut

  • Shoulder taping; slim fit
  • Sideseamed; fitted sleeves
  • Longer body length
  • Tear-away label

Hilesh's True Star Ladies Cut


  • Dyed-to-match drawcords
  • Ribbed cuffs and waistband
  • Kangaroo pockets
  • Tear away label

Hilesh's True Star Hoodie

All shirts and hoodie are Bella+Canvas. If you need a different cut or have sizing issues with that brand let me know. All the images above are mockups, of course, silly. I can't have my hoodie before I order them. The image at the bottom of the page is mine in not too bad shape just the other day.

Of note, and I feel this to be important: this order will help keep my screen printer of the past forever up and running in a time when small businesses are struggling. They are Kopilot Press out of Louisville, KY., please send anyone you know their way for screen printing needs.

But you may in these times find things difficult for your own family and business. You may want to help Kopilot and to see sales going to Hilesh but cannot. Since things at tinyrun headquarters are at this time stable, and you might find your footing soon, I hope you do! I want to offer you a way to get your shirt and/or hoodie. I want you to let me gladly spot you. It may be another four years before we do this again, and it'll be hoodie weather in six short months.

It's ok. Things may be turbulent and if something as simple as a fresh shirt will help, then let me help. It'll be more funds going to Kopilot, too. If you're here at my site now, you've been there for me through the ups and downs. Let me be here for you. Send me an email.