Tiny Auction

yep, octopus thongs...

octopus batik v-neck, bitchez!

I have these items, which should have disappeared back in the $5 No Look sale, but managed to hide out in my disorganized storage system. And I have a little idea rumming around in the back of my head that I might want to give a try that needs a little disposable income to go with it. So I’d thought I’d try an auction! I’ll be taking bids for these until Sunday, probably around 9PM. All bids start at $1, as shown. I’ll update this page with bids and names as they roll in. If there isn’t a name with the $1 bid, then it’s still open.

$20 (@davegrady) Exclaim glow emboirdery on a black Gildan size medium. This was the prototype, and I’ve been hitting the cookies to hard to wear a medium anymore.

$5 (@JadeSnake) size 1 and $5 (@JadeSnake) size 2 batik octopus thongs from American Apparel. Hand batik’d and dyed, these thongs were created some time ago, as evidence by the tags that I haven’t used in years. Would have been added as freebies to existing ladies’ orders, but “hey, here’s something for free that nestles gently between your butt cheeks!” is a little weird.

$10 (coklan) TOAST embroidery with glowing pad of butter on a Gildan M. This oddball is from a show, and still has it’s tag. It’s the toast version without the cinnamon swirl. A handful of these were made for that show only.

$12 and no cookies (@xDiablis) batik octopus v-neck from American Apparel size large. I was going to keep this one when I found it during the $5 No Look since I had always kinda liked it. But then I tried it on recently and remembered that showing that much chest hair makes me a little uncomfortable.

$5 (coklan) Feelings Are Like Tapeworms embroidered applique American Apparel size large. This was the prototype that I created for that design run and wore myself in the model shots only. The applique is about 1/4 inch off center, to the right.

I also have several of Hilesh’s Mockingbird shirts on American Apparel:

$5 (@xDiablis) medium mens
$5 (coklan) medium mens

$5 (@twinschick1) women’s medium
$10 (@veatriki) women’s large

Email bids to michael [at] tinyrun.com or tweet @tinyrun! Thanks much for supporting my crazy ideas!

[UPDATE!] 9:00PM AUCTION IS CLOSED! Thanks everyone for bidding and supporting tinyrun!