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TINYRUN :: THREE new shirts NOW for your BODY

Fuzzy Mammal What Flies at Midnight!

Tired of symmetrical bats? GOT YOU COVERED. This new release version of a funky side flyer that once tried to fly as a batik, here to flap into your heart? Too cheezy? The shirt in the photo is actually brown, and it is really so dark it was difficult to get it to look accurate to the little guy.

Get it here.

Take to the Skies

Another classic from the vault, from before tinyrun was even online. Maybe two of you have even seen this one. Available in all probable sky colors.
Not sure why but the shirt in the store shows black as default, I recommend the original red.

Get this one over here.

big dreams require big work

This one, here.

Also, in the UK!


And HEY, if you want to round out your order to make it a full tinyrun BUNDLE of all available designs just add these:

Bad at Music



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