Quilted, $25
available through 2/12/2012


I was piecing some small scraps of fabric I had from a larger quilt top I’ve been working on and I went and stitched it to a shirt. I love the dimensional look from attaching the fabric onto the shirt this way, and the fabrics colors are brighter and have more punch than any screen printing method could possibly achieve. Another great part about it is that once the shirt has aged past the point you want to wear it, the fabric can be taken off and applied to a new shirt. It could last far beyond the normal lifespan of any shirt you already own.

I can use more of one fabric or another if you’d like, and I also have some with owls on it that would work in the color scheme of these pieces if you’d like some of that. I’ll be doing these on black American Apparel shirts, but if you have other preferences please let me know if the comment field when purchasing, or give me an email michael[at]tinyrun.com where you can detail out your desires in extreme detail.

Thank you all!