pound pound pound

Hashtag. It used to be referred to as ‘pound.’

Things have felt like that, pounding. Some days more than others. Pound pound pound.

But now I have access to (but do not own, thankfully) an expensive embroidery machine, so this is straight up machine stitched font and fast and easy. Classic tinyrun style, I just wanted one.

You want one? I can do any American Apparel shirt under the sun, but the standard styles are linked below. You choose one, and then a color, and then a thread color. New Silver/Asphalt ringer (2410) is pictured (though the Asphalt looks like black). I like the ringers, where the embroidery thread is close to or matches the neck and sleeve. I have tons of threads, probably can match anything you want. I still have glow thread.

I plan on only making about five or seven of these. Not shooting for the moon here, I just want to dip back into the pond. And then quickly do something else. I’ll pull this down no later than October 1st.

All the usual American Apparel shirts:

   2001 mens/unisex standard
   2102 ladies cut standard

or, even more stylin?

   2410 mens/unisex ringer

### shirt

(sorry these are done for now! sign up for emails, maybe it’ll come back around again someday. i tend to do that.)