It could be the lights you see when you close your eyes, traffic you see in the rear view mirror during a long night of highway driving, the moon as it approaches you or moves away, or it could be no moon. I’ve been trying many new things to evolve my batik work, and this shirt represents some of the most promising learnings of the past eight months.

I’ve switched to soy wax, which has many benefits including a lower melting point and swift non-chemical removal methods. Using a stamp to apply the wax allows for quicker duplication and movement onto the dye baths. A low immersion method of dying with multiple colors at the same time led to this complex mix of hues with random texturing, which were more deeply absorbed by an Onno bamboo shirt.

It’s truly a brave new world, one I’ll be exploring for a while. This is just the first that made the cut to be a volley over the wall. “More soon” never sounded so awesome.

from 03/21/2011 to 04/04/2011