Large Initial Letter

The shirt customization machine of tinyrun marches on with this batik shirt that features the Celtic letter of your choice. Notice the ampersand option. I plan on at least three different single color baths from the get go: a black (as in the picture), a blue, and some kind of brown or green. There may be more, I’m open to suggestions. Bear in mind that color dye baths can vary greatly, and if you really, really wanted a particular purple, sorry, how about a surprise? Please let me know first and second choice of color, and have one of those choices be of the three above, and I’ll see what I can do.

Shirts are waxed and dyed on American Apparel (I’ve had the best dye results with them) but I understand the fit is not universal, and am open to trying Gildan again. Specify ‘Gildan’ in the notes, American Apparel sizing is the default. Also specify mens/unisex or ladies; Gildan is only available in unisex. Got all that? I need a letter choice, two color choices, and shirt style in 30 characters or less. You can always email me if you need to chat, michael {at} tinyrun {dot} com.

Large Initial Letter $40
Michael Cianfrani
design run of 03/28/2010 to 4/11/2010

notey notes

I want everyone to keep in mind that this may be the last batik shirt that I do for a very long time. The process is lengthy and tough, and I have enough shirt ideas to fill a…remember the end of Raiders? Yeah, I got ideas like that warehouse, and I want to get to them soon, cause they are mad crazy, and I think you’re ready for them.


THE GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. The winner is @kirikomoth!

Also! I’m running a giveaway of this shirt on twitter right now! The rules are simple:

– tweet any content you like about the shirt, good or bad
– tweet must include working link to, and “@tinyrun” (not at the beginning of tweet) so I can see it happen
– follow @tinyrun so I can DM the winner
– one entry per day

I’ll pick a random winner on Sunday April 4th.

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