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    Hold It Together

Hold It Together


(available through July 12)

Curly brackets were always my favorite. Way before I knew what code was. I think I doodled those more than written words or pictures in any class, pulling together lines that maybe didn't even relate. It was fun.

Right now, holding it together, as a single person, a pair of people hugging or as a group of people, we've got to.

Black ink screen print on the color of your choice of these pretty neat looking blend shirts from Bella+Canvas brand. It's black ink. If you choose a darker shirt this will be more subtle than you might expect, but maybe you don't want to draw attention or maybe it'll be surprisingly cool! Go out and get something bolder than usual. Or go with comfort. You decide, this is what you need.

Colors (Unisex Heathers)(Ladies Heathers)

If you don't like blends and want all cotton let me know in the Color field when you add it to cart. It's ok.

Note: I've found blends in general to run a little small, or tend to drape a little more clingy than cotton? So considering ordering up a size if you're hovering nearer to one size or another, or have bad thoughts about tight being too tight. If these all end up truer to size than I expect I'll reorder and do refunds. If you're browsing around on that shirt site and super want a ringer or 3/4 baseball T then let me know, try to keep it in the Bella + Canvas brand as it'll be in the price range or close enough for most shirts. If you want something super selective or have an idea, I can check pricing with my awesome screenprinter Kopilot Press and we can discuss.

We can do whatever we want! Just let me know. It's the whole point of a tinyrun.

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