Fuzzy Mammal What Flies at Midnight
(Screenprint Edition that WILL Glows)

$20, second for $15

(available through October 9)

White print on a Bella + Canvas black shirt (unisex or ladies slim, email me if you need something custom) and a the layer of BLUE GLOW ink on top of this guy.


So we're doing a special to help drive sales to get into the black. First shirt is $20, your second, third, or any amount of additional shirts are $15 each.

One for you, and one for a friend? Maybe another one for yourself that you store away so when the first one has worn out you have a fresh one, cause who knows if there will ever be a reprint. I've spoken with the Priscilla at Kopilot Press and she said she can print this guy at 11" across the shirt chest, that's the same as the wingspan on Hilesh's Truestar (and our mammal is roughly equal that in height).

FIRST ONE $20 (+$4 shipping)


Ladies Slim Fit

Since the shopping cart here is lo-fi and you are all intelligent and honest folk, use the first set of buttons for your first, second set for your second, and so forth.

SECOND and THIRD and so on $15 (+$4 shipping)


Ladies Slim Fit

I'll always be tiny, but the more the merrier -->