Disappointed Sparrow

Some time ago, in the random churn on the internet, a “jennyrobins” followed me on twitter. As I often do, I took a look to see who she was, ahem, checked her out, and found all her artwork startling and wonderful. After going through her site, it was the birds and lettering that really got me. I was particularly drawn to the image of the sparrow, who seemed to be having a bit of a rough day. I thought of contacting her to see if she would want to allow her work to be a part of Project Tinyrun, but was hesitant. I let the thought stew for a few months, and then finally, approached her and asked the big question. I’m amazed and bolstered by how many good, talented people out there are willing to give it a go.

And now that an appropriately tiny run of them were pre-printed for a show that Jenny’s participating in, and I got mine for this photo, I can’t accurately describe the joy of owning my own Disappointed Sparrow shirt. And now that experience is available in a standard two week tinyrun offering.

she's taking her disappointment in stride...

jenny wanted a white shirt, jenny got a white shirt
Disappointed Sparrow
Jenny Robins
design run of 02/13/2010 through 02/26/2010

Shirt will be printed on American Apparel unisex/mens 2001 or ladies cut 2102 shirts of your color choice. ((EDIT 2/18/10: I will also take orders for Gildan unisex shirts for a slightly larger fit! Color choices available here. All sizes available unisex/mens only. Inquire about larger than 2XL, some colors have 5XL available))

Jenny, after drawing the picture on white paper yellowed up the background herself. So, in keeping with that, I recommend the AA shirt color Sunshine (pictured in the header, she herself wanted one on white…), or if that’s a little too bright of a yellow, the 2001ORG Dijon American Apparel is recommended.