Big Tiny Auction

[UPDATE: And the auction is closed! I’ll be contacting the winners shortly with payment instructions! Thank you everyone. – Michael]

Auction will run until Wednesday 12/15 at 9pm (central US) sharp. Bids accepted via email michael – at – and through twitter, @tinyrun (add a #tinyrunauction to your bids please), and keep bids in full dollar increments. There are also a few Bite the Tail’s left, if you want to mix those into your holiday purchasing!

$1 – Random Flock
$8 – @aiuto – One Way
$1 – Birds onsie
$1 – Bats onsie
$1 – One Bird
$8 – @aiuto – HELL YES brush
$7 – @aiuto – HELL YES marble
$15 – @zellerpress – BACON (as you like it) – black large
$18 – @aiuto – BACON (as you like it) – cran medium
$20 – Corey via email – I WANNA ROCK
$15 – Kest via email – Disappointed Sparrow
$15 – @JadeSnake – untitled (bye)
$1 – @zellerpress – Big Dreams misprint
$1 – The Things part a XL
$1 – The Things part a XL
$1 – The Things part a small

Some batik dye experiments! Woo!

(all to be explained in a longer blog post later, promise.)

Random Flock
Men’s American Apparel Small
Fairly even blue, birds across the chest, one on the sleeve, and another not pictured on the back, right shoulder.

One Way
Men’s American Apparel Large vneck
This v-neck was meant to be black, but came out an interesting gray with some ‘dirty money’ green in there.

Birds and Bats
American Apparel 6-12 month onsies
Is your baby a bird baby, or a bats baby?

One Bird
Ladies’s American Apparel Large
The picture brings out the marbled coloring a little more technicolor than it actually is, but it is an intense marbling of purples and pinks either way.

HELL YES brush
Men’s American Apparel Large Ringer
A nice darker cherry color, with indistinct color shifts and some slight dye spotting.

HELL YES marble
Men’s American Apparel Large
Crazy marbling of a pomegranate color mixed with some gray.

And other ghosts from the closet have come haunting this holiday season!

BACON (as you like it)
Men’s Hanes Medium Cranberry
Men’s Hanes Large Black
Long story, but these are THE bacon shirt. Professionally embroidered and all, the red being from ‘edition one’ with the multi-colored pink, and the black from ‘edition two’ with the solid pink. They have been worn and washed approximately once and look perfect. These are the absolute last ones, no more will ever come out of hiding from me…

Men’s American Apparel Small
Yes, I made bunches of these, too, and where this one came from I am actually not sure, though it bares the characteristics of the ‘main batch’ that was the tinyrun edition of this design.

Disappointed Sparrow and Bye
Men’s American Apparel Large Sunshine
Men’s American Appreal Large Cream
Once upon a time, I thought I might do some kind of retrospective show somewhere, and kept spare copies of shirts in order to populate the show with them. And then after not making extras of batiks and some of the more time consuming designs, that went idea went by the way side. That’s why I have an extra ‘bye’ from so so so very long ago, probably the most rare of the items we see here today. The extra sparrow, well, I thought I might want a sunshine as well as the mustard, but the mustard is the only one I’ve worn, and I thought, maybe someone out there needed some sunshine.

Big Dreams misprint
Men’s American Apparel Large Charcoal
This mis-print is tough to see in the photo, but it’s definitely there. Not sure how it sneaked into the batch from the printer, but thought someone might be interested in owning it. Perhaps it is the most rare of all?

The Things (part a) misprint
Men’s American Apparel XLarge
Men’s American Apparel XLarge
Men’s American Apparel Small
These were from the original batch and are a little light in the ink in the upper left, and since only one made it through the transformation process to ‘part b’, these two go on the block for those interested.