Package THIS

a stencil cutout of 'tinyrun'

One of the great areas that I’ve had Good Intentions for is packaging. There were a few moments were I would get SO very close to pulling it together and getting out, in a regular fashion, a mailer that I felt really nailed the same level of time and care the shirts received. Never consistently though, and I consoled myself with the thought that if I gave more time to packaging, then that would be time away from making the best shirts possible. Aaaaaand while that’s true, it was a poor placation. I added to that thinking further guilt around packaging materials, the weight said materials might add to shipments, and I would hem and haw until I came up with a New Shiny Shirt Idea to play with.

But I love me some mails, and it would be a sweet bonus if what arrives raises anticipation just at sight. I really love the thought that when you receive your shirt it is a moment of joy. Pretty mailer = more joy? Seems like good math!

boxes being set up for spray painting

I started to play around with some new packaging recently, trying to catch up to years of shipments. It’s fun, low impact play in terms of initial resources to get to test it out. I’ve cut a few stencils and am experimenting on just quickly hitting a few nice cardboard box sizes with spray paint. A little raw around the edges, but a great leap at the same time. I’d love to do some full-on, full-bleed screen print of some art across the entire surface of the box inside and out, and perhaps someday!

My hope is that the cost of the boxes and the bump upwards in postage can just be absorbed on my end with little impact to buyers, and that the resources impact of the box is mitigated by straight up recycling possibilities, especially reuse! A few initial test shipments have made their way out the door with promising results.

Progress is being made.

a completed shirt box mailer labeled and ready to go out the door