What A Difference A Foot Makes

two sewing machine feed next to one another

I’ve been working out a whole host of new designs, all around the method of applique and hand guiding machine satin stitching. I call it the Era of Trial and Error. I’ve been pushing myself to screw around and to screw up, and the ‘scratch paper’ shirts that I’ve been trying things out on are wonderful Frankenstein’s of failure.

In the process of working out my hand guided machine stitching skills I finally took a look at some of the other commercially available sewing machine feet, and found that there was one that appeared to solve some of the issue I seemed to have with the foot I was using. And lo! It did make things easier! It turns out that the having a gap in the foot where you can just see through it is far superior to plastic you can only kindof see through. Well!

I also imagine the picture appears to many as about as discernible as a photo of a car engine, and that’s ok. Please sit back and stick around to see the fruits of this recent discovery that will appear ever so shortly.