A portion of the Quilted shirts that were purchased showed some shirt tearing at the point of the applique attaching stitches. That really hurt a bit because I want to supply the highest degree of awesome, and also it was long time customers that were affected. I received the shirts back from the buyers who reported tearing and upon examination I couldn’t make sense of it. The shirts clearly teared, this was not in question. But this occurred along bother vertical and horizontal stitches. That is, with and against the grain of the shirt jersey fabric. That seemed strange, but still not as odd as the fact that I had the same shirt and after many wears and washes mine showed no tearing. The first shirt that I made years and years ago that used the same attachment method of an applique showed no tearing.

And I wore the daylights outta that shirt.


I started doing some tests. I tried different fabric appliques, washing them over and over, drying them on high, doing the process again by hand, pulling on stitches a little roughly and all that showed no pattern of how the Quilted might have ripped. One suspicion seemed most likely: that the stitch length being shorter perhaps led to the issue, when a stitching setting on the machine ‘inherited’ the stitch length from a different project that I stitched before working on these. Seemed likely with the combination of that plus a few other suspicions around the feed dogs having trouble feeding the fabric and ended up chewing it a bit. Time to remake these shirts for customer satisfaction!

I set about taking the Quilted applique off the older shirts to try reattach them to new shirts, and noticed how difficult that actually was. Even with the per-existing tearing I had to rip the daylight out of the shirt in order to get them off. This was a great test, showing that even if you wanted to take the applique off, you would have to exhibit hurricane force on it. And with the new shirts made and initial quality checks passed with a GO I’ve sent them back out into the wild with greater confidence.

Beyond knowledge that I will extend a warranty, fix and replace your shirt, I need your trust and to believe that these shirts are of the highest awesome. I cannot allow anything less.