I WANNA ROCK batik shirt: How I Rocked It: Part III

I have always, forever, long-time desired to have that packaging that we’ve all seen, or been lucky enough to receive, wrapped around our purchase lovingly, elevating it to a status of further enticement to delicious opening, while tempting you to set it unopened, on a shelf, itself enough beauty to behold. Yeah, that.

I’ve tried about everything I could think of as a possible amazing vehicle of shirtness. One of my favorites was the pizza box. I ordered a pack of 100 and printed birds on the inside. They never were used in the US post, but were given away at some of my earliest shows. I’ve looked at and priced everything from take out containers to TV dinner trays to bottles of various sizes before settling on the average mailers I use now.

These mailers are a little better than most, as they have an outer shell that will accept ink, and I had always intended to screen print onto it a newer version of the pizza box birds, or who-knows-what.

i had actually forgotten i'd printed these.  found this photo while looking for a picture of the pizza boxes.  this is from four years ago...

No longer having screen printing facilities close by, and always being pressed for time just making the last shirt run ordered, and the next shirt run prototype, this has never come to fruition. This becomes all the more an issue, again, as I approach the end of my supply of mailers. Do I order the printable ones again with hope that I will print on them?

Being short on time, and having neared the end of the production of the I WANNA ROCK design, I opted to do lavish time and energy on some inner packaging, and wrap the shirts somehow internal to the mailer. This gained further importance to me due to the high pricing of the shirt itself. I despise the idea that someone might order a shirt, and upon opening it, say, eh, and maybe even regret having purchased it. I can never gauge possible buyers remorse being at internet-distance, and I hoped that spending further time into showcasing their new item, lavishing even more love on it, that I might mitigate any possible misgivings about the value of the product itself.

individually wrapped for your pleasure

Far removed now from the process of how I conceived to wrap each shirt in it’s own embroidered casing, with ribbon, I can only say for certain that I bought the entire bolt of gray fabric I found at the fabric store. It was at least 9 yards. I cut and embroidered them all individually, and used I’m not certain how many yards of ribbon. Looking back it was a tiny investment, and even though it did add incremental time to fulfill the orders, I have no regrets. I’m still hoping that there is someone who received the shirt that is able to use its casing for some other purpose, to recreate something new, perhaps shirt related, or not.

each and every one...

I have a feeling that I may return to this sort of uber-embellishment in a design in the future, but for the time being I’ve retreated to my ‘simple mailers with shirts in them’ paradigm. I’ll think of a way to add or lavish in another way, eventually. I just need to think on it a bit more. I’m always open to suggestions.

This closes the whole story of the I WANNA ROCK design. There are many images that appear and reappear in my plans and works, and I have a feeling this image will never find true rest. I have a premonition that it will return in another form someday but there is no telling when or where.