November 2009

Declaration of Process

he's more wax than shirt...twited and evil...

I wrote an email a while back to those who ordered the I WANNA ROCK design, just to go into more detail about what they were in for. So many of them are new to these shores, and I wanted to make sure they knew that this is not a normal shirt store, that I’m not simply packing up a two color screen print that’s been sitting on a shelf into a mailer and labeling it. There’s something else going on here, and they deserve a little explanation into what that entails.

Only three weeks later and I’m two days away from starting shipping out what has been the largest batch of a batik design I’ve ever done (this one = the previous largest single batik design batch X 5) This is nothing less than miraculous in the history of this shirt site. I pushed myself a little harder, waxing half the shirts at a time, and made the dye baths to double their typical size in order to move quicker through their creation.

I have to say I am pleased. They are looking so good, too. I really really really hope everyone loves them.

“so I’ve ordered I WANNA ROCK from tinyrun, now what?”

Hello I WANNA ROCK orderers…!

You may be asking yourselves many questions, such as the subject of this email. Many of you are new to tinyrun, and didn’t suffer through the BACON days, part I or II, or missed out on the TOAST thread mishaps, or the LINCOLN dot madness. For those many of you that this is your first tinyrun order, you deserve a little further view into the process, especially for this batik shirt.

Right NOW I have all the blanks for this shirt, and today, while the sun is shining in a beautiful way, the trees are changing colors, and the wind is blowing hair romantically, I will be indoors with a pot of wax heated to 240ish degrees, applying that wax to these white shirts.

Then I will be doing a gray dye bath. That will be as far as many get today, as the baths are sorta small (4-6 shirts), and then they air dry. Then they need to be waxed again. Then dyed again. Air dried again. Washed. Then boiled. Then dry cleaned. Then fabric softened….

Batik is an involved process to say the least, of which I am no master. I will monitor the shirts at all stages of the process with my compulsive method of quality control, and will do the best I can, as fast as I can.

What all this means is that these shirts will probably not start shipping this coming week. Maybe the first small set that’s made it all the way through the process, but chances are the week following will be the one where these start to see flight in a major way.

This may not be what you are interested in. You may be thinking, this is BUNK, and I didn’t pay this kind of money to have to wait for my goods. If this is the case, please email me and I will refund your monies and wish you luck. If you haven’t seen your shirt for another three weeks and then you think, I’m TIRED of waiting and want out, let me know. If you receive your shirt and think, I waited this long for THIS? then let me know. I will refund your monies at any part of the process, all you have to do is let me know.

This is how tinyrun works. It’s far from perfect. But if you hold fast, at the end of this road you will have a shirt that has been through a loving and lengthy process to create something completely unique.

Much love and more soon,


What Calendar?

spooky fabric goodness

The webcomics artists I admire have stocked their stores for the holidays. These people whom I deeply respect are ready. They’ve been planning. As far as I can tell, they’ve been planning for this moment since before the last holiday season. Many of them support themselves financially with these sales. They have for years. They have to plan.

So, perhaps all I lack is motivation built up over a period of time?

I remain unconvinced that this is an element that I lack. I remain unconvinced that this is the only possible element that I lack.

But now occurred to me that I planned poorly for the holiday item I thought I would have for the last holiday, Halloween. Of course, I think I came up with the idea for the shirt applique in September, when I bought these fabrics.

I am right now planning on having that prototype up by next September. Here’s hoping.