Photo Giveaway Winner

The Deal: I was going to give away a I WANNA ROCK shirt to the person who sent me the bestest photo of themselves in a tinyrun shirt. This limited the amount of entries right out to the tried and true believers who’ve been around. Seemed fair at the time to throw a little extra at my longtimers.

Judging these was way harder than I thought it would be! Especially since photographing people in shirts is something I’ve struggled with since the first time I was seized with this madness. After much deliberation, little nuances pulled me back and forth, but I have to conclude that these are how the five entries fall into place.


Dr. Cat / Corey


i love the weathered backdrop, so much that i didn't notice the rose for a the lighting from the back, but the flash is a little too flashy (as flashes always are, the fuckers)love the expression, can i just give you a hug?this one i snagged from her twitter feed, but it's my favorite.  the sly expression.  heh.  she's up to something. and you will probably like it alot.

the through the horizontal bars thing, dig it.the triple tinyrun threat came close to putting it over, seriously, that's awesome.the most subtle of the set, i really like the oversaturating flare


hats! goggles! that painting! what can i say.  three in one, with two batiks, one from the 'no-look' and one from the auction, this photo won my heart

So there we are! Someday I will get that whole gallery page together and these will find a nice home there, nestled for all time as proof that I do actually send shirts out to people, who occasionally wear them. Shortly I hope to announce the winner of the tweet half of the giveaway. And since entering one of the contests does not negate entries in the other, things are still open for those who didn’t win!

I’m digging this contest thing, perhaps I will try more later, hm. How does everybody else feel about it? What would make it better, easier, more fun?