Shirt Giveaway Insanity

So, I’ve decided to do some giveaway promotions regarding the coveted and pricey I WANNA ROCK shirt design. Please find the details herein! Both promotional winners will be announced on Friday 10/23, just before the end of the design run, so everyone who does not win will have a few moments to check their bank account and maybe check the under the couch cushions and make a purchase.

Giveaway #1

Email me a photograph of someone, yourself or someone you know, modeling any tinyrun shirt. I’d love to use these in a gallery on the site, so please know that submission includes consent of use, of either you or your photography subject. I solely will judge these photographs to determine the best use of composition, lighting, and overall sexiness? Ok, don’t get too sexy.

Giveaway #2

Tweet about the shirt! This is dirt simple. Tweet a clickable link to the tinyrun site, plus a ‘@tinyrun’ and there you go. The rest of the content is up to you, positive or negative or nonsense. But you know, positive is nicer? I’ll collect these on 10/23 and pick one at random.