They’re in the Pipes, They’re Everywhere

May I persuade you to peruse these photographs of things that are in the pipe, of which I assure you are only a fraction of things production-pipe encased? These few things I have made, am making, am piping if you will, I present for your pleasure.

I wanted to call this one 'Abe Headroom'

This embroidery of Lincoln (I just can’t get away from him…) is actually complete. Notice the rather expensive frame. He will be auctioned off at this year’s MookieJam fundraiser. Facts: the outlining thread is actually glow thread (can’t stop using that either), the auction is this coming Monday the 5th of October, and I will be at the auction accepting bids by proxy for this item via twitter.

He's all LINEY and stuff

As we move further away from completion and up the damn pipe metaphor I started and just. can’t. let. go of, we find this interesting, quilted something. I can’t get into detail on it as of yet, but man…it’s going to be fairly awesome. I have a growing and festering sensation that tells me in uncertain pre-Atlantean language that my three readers will love it.

if you look really really close, you will see a faint green outline of....something...

And further away from completion, this box of very tiny cut fabric squares. Seriously. These are all 1.5 inches square. I got this idea that I would make some pixel quilts, and unlike every 32 bit quilt I’ve seen with 2 inch fail squares, I was gonna go all 1 inch rock. FTW, and shit. You can see how well that is going.

thank god that padding is in there, wouldn't want them to...break?

And in other news, hey, there might be a shirt design posted tomorrow?