Mail Call: The Little Things

I ordered a print from an artist on etsy the other day. What a joy to unwrap; look at all the goodies!


The print itself was wrapped in tissue paper with a bit of stripped floss held in place with a sticker. There was also a business card, a button, and a little hand written note to me from the artist. Nice!

A long time ago I had some leftover button sets and would include those with shirts I shipped…then a few times I just sent extra shirts along with the regular order…but now I’m feeling sorta outdone. Can I come up with a joyful packaging?

And on a separate occasion I received some mail at my post office box! The one that has received nothing for over a year! It was appeared to be junk mail, the address scraped from the site by a bot of some kind. But it had my full title, and just seeing that there, behind the plastic, made my heart swell with glee. Silly childhood glee. A year of PO Box charges? Worth it.

yep, thas me