September 2009

Studio, Studio, Store?

11hundred sq ft of AWESOME

I dreamt about this space this morning.

Now, granted, in my dream it was even bigger, but I’m willing to settle. Did you look at the picture? Look again. It’s awesome. SO much space, that I’m using occasional capitals. WAIT, there’s more.

You may notice the glare of glass in the photograph. This would be the large panes of glass that make up the front of this space, as this space is a store front. YES. This could double time as both a studio and I could have a STORE. ME. This is about the most riDICulous thing I can think of.

Let me share a few facts about this before I start salivating. Again.

First, to have a store you generally, but not as a rule, want to have things to sell on a fairly consistent, if not constant, basis.

Second, after contacting the management company for the building, I would need to sell roughly 100 or so shirts a month with a wide profit margin, and do so consistently for a two year lease. Three shirts a day. I have a difficult time thinking of how I would find time to make 100 shirts, much less find people gracious enough to purchase them. Not strengths of mine, as of yet.

We all have places to go, and I to, intend to go places. Somewhere. Maybe not this place, but somewhere. Stay tuned.

Mail Call: The Little Things

I ordered a print from an artist on etsy the other day. What a joy to unwrap; look at all the goodies!


The print itself was wrapped in tissue paper with a bit of stripped floss held in place with a sticker. There was also a business card, a button, and a little hand written note to me from the artist. Nice!

A long time ago I had some leftover button sets and would include those with shirts I shipped…then a few times I just sent extra shirts along with the regular order…but now I’m feeling sorta outdone. Can I come up with a joyful packaging?

And on a separate occasion I received some mail at my post office box! The one that has received nothing for over a year! It was appeared to be junk mail, the address scraped from the site by a bot of some kind. But it had my full title, and just seeing that there, behind the plastic, made my heart swell with glee. Silly childhood glee. A year of PO Box charges? Worth it.

yep, thas me