It should come to no surprise to anyone with legit claims to biological continuation of the species experience that time is in fact a bendy, unmeasurable thing. I’ve often previously posited that parents, and therefor anyone older than myself, were rendered insane by the cumulative experiences of both their own life, and experiences of the life that they created, cared for, and fed various hasbro bargain bin offerings to be mangled and chewed upon.

Now I have joined that elite force of planet populators, and only now do I truly understand.

Time. Fleeting. Etc.

In the meantime, as I downtime from shirts in order to catch up on various inane and finally surmountable technical embroidery difficulties tied to production here at home as well as getting in some work on my beginner daddy chops, I present the following back catalog photos that were never posted timely to the relative subject.

they're coming for you barbara...wait, wrong movie

Here we see one of the No Look bargains that went out months back. Somebody got this sweetie for $5. How about that. I always liked this one, made oh so long ago, an edition of two. The other was sold at some festival, at some other time. Maybe I’ll revisit the design when I’m no longer under the influence of ‘new’ and ‘more interesting.’

4 lincolns are better than none

And here are the four production Lincoln batiks, folded and tagged before their shipping out unto the world. Two of them went to the UK, which I find fascinating. You’ll notice the variation between the four, proof that I made the damn things one dot at a time (thumps chest).