Trial by Shirt!

I imagine the skexis screaming the title to this post, and it pleases me. It seems this trial, this gauntlet I have thrown at myself, will not rest, no matter what I seem to think or pretend.

The population of my home recently increased by one (and if you missed the sequence of birth twitters and photos, then you indeed, missed) and I am still operating under the plan to do this shirt thing. I hope that everyone I’ve come to hold dear is still up for my usual slow delivery and antics, as I mess around in this internet shirtailer experience.

baconbaconbaconbaconbacon, mushroom! mushrrom!

In the spirit of messing around I found another feature on the ‘so expensive I will be paying off for eons to come’ sewing machine. It can do continuous lettering stitching! Interesting! It also can do little animals?? On this shirt the little pigs could be anything from pigs to rats but on a sturdier fabric this might turn out…most promising…