April 2009

Random No-Look

you must choose, but choose wis-...well, just choose to purchase, really

Random No Look

UPDATE: Sorry, they’re all gone!

I have a full bin of completed shirts from the past three or more years that don’t have a home. They vary greatly, and most were one-offs never featured on Tiny Run. So for a little while, I’d like to offer up a randomized selection of things you don’t get to see before you buy. There are simply too many to try to photograph individually and I need to make some room in my shrinking closet spaces. All shirts are unworn works: batik, embroidery and screen prints. Some designs will appear new to you, some familiar, some offensive, some wonderful, some not so wonderful.

So for these remainders, I offer up special no-look pricing, where you have a minimal fee plus shipping and get something random in your size. The first people to order get the cooler ones of any particular size. If I don’t have your size I will send an approximate match, or refund your payment. I will check my ‘records’ to make sure I don’t send you a duplicate Tiny Run design. Please limit one shirt per order; let’s all share fair. No returns on these, they are yours forever. And since shirts are already completed, these should ship out immediately.