Paradigm Shiftin’

On a long enough time line, I do complete what I set out to do. The second round of bacon shirts arrived with sufficient aplomb on me late last week. And so I began the post processing of tagging and cutting and ironing the ‘protective’ backing on the inside of each shirt. Then the packing, labeling and shipping. The bread and butter of the independent internet shirtailer. Time consuming bread and butter, but ah well.

I gotta admit, Tiny Run is still exciting and interesting, challenging and difficult. And sometimes, a little too much on that difficult quality. The second bacon coming contained as many trials as the first (and finally shipped out the last today). My expletives flowed in the same river-like manner. The promises to myself to never repeat that again had the same sickly sweet kiss. The thought of just making shirts that no-one would ever order or charging ridiculous amounts to achieve that same result pokes me with its pitchfork and goads with freedom from all these concerns without actually having to make the decision to abandon ship.

Of all these knocks on my door the one I let in was the most innocuous. Of course. I let in The Quilt. It was the only one that offered comfort, by way of playing into the slow piecemeal production method, and was an item locked into being not able to mass produce. If I was going to do a bacon quilt, it would take me six months and there would be only one Bacon Quilt, and all others are impostors. If you meet the Bacon Quilt on the road, kill him?

you don't understand the COMFORT of the dark side quilt!

The impetus, or one of them, for Tiny Run was that there were things that I didn’t see in the ever spawning internet shirt market. I wanted to see them. And I was curious if anyone else wanted to see them, too.

But the business is brutal. My production methods and business acumen are less than full grown, and that is a kind way of putting it. Really, I suck at this. And not only do I not want to ever see another internet shirt site to confirm that no one is doing anything that I perceive as truly awesome, I start to wonder if I really need to see these things through myself. My own pursuit of what I consider awesome is coming under question, as well as my success at achieving awesome so far.

And in between the rigors of the business and the promise of a baby soon arriving, I have been swaddling my brain in quilts.

So for the last three months or so, I have been thinking about the canvas that a quilt might function as. It’s a neat diversion, to say the least. The pictures in my head are the most delicious kind. I’ve stockpiled about six or seven ideas and fabric to do at least three of them. And like shirts, I find great technical excellence in many quilters online, but little of the spark that interests me.

So what does this mean? I haven’t really developed my thinking too far beyond today. I’m looking at my life facing the largest change in a matter of weeks. I don’t know what will happen. I’d like to think that the Tiny Run I’ve built and you’ve followed will weather this storm and shirts of some interesting sort will continue to grace your eyes and torsos.

Maybe we will see some onesies.