An Exercise in Subtlety

the shape of the wearer's chest may influnce the subtlety...oh, it's there alright, look closely...

An Exercise in Subtlety
Michael Cianfrani
design run of
03/01/2009 through 03/14/2009

February was particularly brutal, so I wanted to start March out right. With as many swears as possible.

This is my response to that month, and also some of the graphic heavy shirts out there. Sometimes I want simple 140pt all capitol that screams but only from its own shadowing. This isn’t eight color, it’s no color; it’s not specialty printed, there is no printing. It is embossed.

Forgive my self indulgence, but I thought the subtlety of it might appeal to those who swear, but under their breath. I picked out some common short swears in the drop-down menu, but if you had something special in mind, let me know and we can work on it. I’m also opening the color options up to whatever you want. Anyone who orders pick out the color of their shirt from the wide array of available colors of these American Apparel men’s and ladies’ shirts and let me know in the order comment box.

I also wouldn’t recommend black, as the wording is defined by its shadows, unless you really really want subtlety.