Home Studio Home

yep, that's the bed in the lower lefthand corner

Here’s my new home studio where I tiny run. It’s a corner of my bedroom, folks. I’m going for a low tech theme. By low tech, I mean that I cannot afford high tech. And by high tech, I mean square footage. Or high tech.

Readers may notice my ventilation system. Bathroom fan + plywood = lungs full of happiness for the whole family. On the cheap.

melt, damn you...

Along with the bathroom fan, I purchased this new little wax melting pot. In a fit of capitalism I fell prey to its implied greater control of temperature, which is a matter of importance for batik. It’s been a bit of a disappointment as I have to crank it to max to get the wax to where it needs to go. Problem with the device or something else? I’m not certain, but as long as it manages to get the wax up to temp and doesn’t ignite the whole place, it’ll do.

Wait, where the hell is the sewing machine going to go?