I got your dots for you right here

big ol' abe

I knew The Lincoln design was going to be pretty large on a shirt smaller than the prototype XL. The photo here is the design, in its slightly wider final stage, laid out on a men’s medium shirt. The dots come within an inch of the collar, two inches to the bottom hem, and about an inch or so from each sleeve. That is some all over craziness.

Last weekend I finished waxing this medium in one sitting. I hadn’t waxed The Lincoln in one go previously, but I needed to ramp up my dotting in order to get the first orders moving along. It took about an hour more than my initial estimation to complete the waxing process. That brings production time per shirt up a bit higher, and any possible profits down lower. Whoops. By the time I completed the pictured shirt, literally at the end of my wax-a-thon, another was ordered.

I have to say I think that my dots became somehow more essentially full of an inherent ‘dot-ness’ as the process went on. That, or I was inflicting some repetitive stress injuries on my wrist and brain. Even with the crushing process that is batik, I’m loving the results all the more. I’m moving toward more ideas that involve both dyes and ink washes, and enjoying cooking up designs that are ‘all over.’

Especially with some things that I’m working on, on the sly:

check out the bespin background goin' out on the sleeves!