The Lincoln

the lincoln! batik lincoln up close!  personal-like!

The Lincoln
Michael Cianfrani
Hand batik’d and ink wash
design run of
01/09/2008 through 01/30/2008

This is the archetypal man himself, presented as you have not seen before. This deep charcoal gray is hand dyed, the white half-tone style dot work is batik’d, and the background in the area of the design has a delicate black ink wash to offset the design further. Each shirt is created one at a time by hand, and any number of design elements will be unique to each shirt. The design area measures 13 X 20 inches, and will remain that size occupying more of the front of the shirt the smaller the shirt size ordered. Design is pictured is an extra large men’s.

[update]: The working design has been expanded to roughly 14.5 inches across.