Prototype Report

just messin'

Pictured is an experiment of mine, using textile paint as a wash. Just wanted to see what it would do. The results looked better wet than when it dried, but these things are to be expected, like rabbits eating in the vegetable garden.

Working over the holidays never seems lend me any sort of focus. It is terribly difficult ignoring the elephant in the room, much less the chocolate covered pretzels. I have been working, but not completing. The pictured shirts, still in their white form, are not actually going to be white. Shocking. The archaic plumbing of my prototype production methods is on the verge of serious bursting. No, not regular bursting, serious bursting.

There are several that I do not even have pictures of as of writing this. Next year is going to be pretty neat.

i'm so pleased with this guy...finally, PART B! (yes it is an ear)