Is Business, in fact, Business?

the hard, cold sell I’ve been spending some time thinking.

And then some more time. I did have a phone conversation with Pam Slim about the Tiny Run concept, where it’s been, where I’d like it to go. One of her points to me in our forty-five minute conversation that I thoroughly enjoyed was that she just wrote a blog post the day before that dealt with many of the things we were talking about. Another point was that initially, passion can drive everything, but that eventually, that passion will not be able to withstand the rigor of sustaining the business. There is a breaking point.

And so, there needs to be a plan.

I’ve been formulating a plan. And the holidays too, they do distract. But I’ve been thinking that Tiny Run Year One is coming to a close, and that the next year, for Year Two…I have to say, I have big things I’m thinking of. The longer I take to brew them the larger the ideas become. But behind the ideas, in the quiet dark, a more complete infrastructure is forming. Something that can sustain itself. I have to say I’m very excited for the things to come even though I still have some figuring to do, numbers to crunch, and prototypes to make.

Again, with the greatest love, I say: more soon.