November 2008

The Things I Would Tell You – Part A

the things i would tell youthe things he is telling you

the things i would tell you
Part A
Michael Cianfrani
11/11/2008 through 11/14/2008

In the continual spirit of trying new things, I’m putting up this idea. This design represents the first step of a final, further processed design. I find it interesting just by itself, and wondered if anyone else might as well, even though it’s on the dreaded and scorned plain white tee.

Regarding part B of the design: it will be the screen printed shirt of Part A, batik’d in a gray scale of at least two colors, perhaps more, possibly some embroidery, and will be priced at approximately $40.

To those who purchase Part A, I will email a link to Part B upon its debut, which will allow the purchase of the second shirt for $28.

Tiny Run Live

DIY show!  Goodies galore!

Two weeks from today, the 8th, I will be participating in the DIY Trunk Show in Chicago. This is my only show this season, either due to really high entry fees of other shows or just flaking on the application deadlines.

So this is the show. I’ll be bringing my whole cache of shirts, batiks you’ve never seen, and all the spare Tiny Run designs from the store, as well as finished prototype versions of what may be the next three Tiny Run designs? I’ve got bins of stuff, all the items I haven’t had time to list on etsy. Some very interesting stuff. I think I still have some batik’d panties.

I said panties, people.

It’s a good time to come and rub fabric between your fingers. Fill up on the tactile. And admission is free. Bonus: come to the show, say hi and mention how you found out about Tiny Run and I will give you a buy one get one deal of anything I have at the show. Hell, just say hi and mention that I said that. Yes, I am craving human contact, pale from having been holed up working on the next Tiny Run wordpress theme, as well as prep for this show. Weee. More soon.

Hope to see you there.

DIY Trunk Show
Saturday, November 22, 2008
10am and ends at 5pm.
Pulaski Park Auditorium
1419 W. Blackhawk
Chicago IL 60622


It seems that another site of mine has been maliciously abused by someone exploiting a third party script? Or some other yet unknown issue. At any rate, they are using the hack to send people to my site from yahoo on the pretext of something to do with ringtones. Uh huh.

The support team at my host has given me this reply:

To be perfectly honest, the best thing that you can do is start from
scratch. I know that you probably have plugins and themes that you’ve
been using – but once a WordPress install has been hacked, it is a bit
hard to go thru and pick out what’s good and what’s not.

Tiny Run is so far free from these issues. I’m bracing for the worst, but trying to be hopeful. Trying not to think about restarting my other site that has been going for a while now with some decent content being wiped clean.

So I’m both working on shirts that had been ordered (a double upgrade of the i still function design being the most recent) and working on shirts to come (an interesting mix of batik and screen printing I’ve been thinking about for years). I am also eating way too many Oreos. Or in this case is it 0r3oz?

But being hacked isn’t sitting well with me, and I’ve been devoting more time than I would prefer to trying to sort that shit out. All this and I was planning on a changing my wordpress theme for tinyrun again, which would no doubt cause further delays as I trick it out to display things the way I like, as well as grandfathering in some of the older design issues. As well as what seems like an inevitable recreation of my other site. As well as a show in mid-November (more on this soon).

I don’t mind being busy, but unfortunately only half of it is the busy I like.