Blackbirds. NO! BLUEBIRDS!

birds birds birds

big ol flock of bluebirdscloseup flock of bluebirds

big ol flock of black birdscloseup flock

“Blackbirds. NO! BLUEBIRDS!”
Hilesh Patel (embroidered by Michael)
Design run of 11/22/2008 through 12/06/2008

This is a rethreading of an older embroidery interpretation of Hilesh’s work that was used in one of my first batik-embroidery mix experiments. I wasn’t too amazed by those original results, but I gave it this recent try and just fell in love with version of blue on blue. There are multiple variables with this design that result in a less clean, ever so slightly less precise embroidery. These could be cleaned, reworked, updated, but I find myself really loving the imprecision of this. After so many hours fighting to get every single stitch to be perfect, I really comfortable with digging this one just as it is.

My favorite is the blue, but I understand some people prefer to go more non-chromatic, and I couldn’t help thinking of Jack Kerouac and his Blues and Haikus album, and a haiku therein where he says, in that amazing voice of his, “Blackbird. NO! BLUEBIRD!”

I gleefully imagine Tiny Run viewers deliberating a purchase making the same exclaimed reversal mid-decision.