The Things I Would Tell You – Part A

the things i would tell youthe things he is telling you

the things i would tell you
Part A
Michael Cianfrani
11/11/2008 through 11/14/2008

In the continual spirit of trying new things, I’m putting up this idea. This design represents the first step of a final, further processed design. I find it interesting just by itself, and wondered if anyone else might as well, even though it’s on the dreaded and scorned plain white tee.

Regarding part B of the design: it will be the screen printed shirt of Part A, batik’d in a gray scale of at least two colors, perhaps more, possibly some embroidery, and will be priced at approximately $40.

To those who purchase Part A, I will email a link to Part B upon its debut, which will allow the purchase of the second shirt for $28.