I still function, i still glow

“i still function,
i still glow”
Michael Cianfrani
design run of
10/05/2008 through 10/12/2008

Featured for only one week here at Tiny Run Quarantine is a shirt, with skull cut out, which has another shirt free motion stitched to its insides. Stitched with my ever favorite glow-in-the-dark thread; I should buy stock. I thought of it after the prototype, but I’m also going to add a layer of glow screen printing ink to the white of the skull. The whole darn thing is glowtastic.


If you enjoy risk, a challenge, a glove ever so lovingly slapping your cheek, I dare you to try out the artist choice $5 UPGRADE. It may result in more glow, it may result in less glow, more skulls, less skulls(?), but certainly a shirt (based upon your brand and size choice) unlike any other anywhere, but still based on the theme of the current shirt. Limited edition in its finest sense, and certain to make production all the more challenging to me. Interested? I am.