Toast Patrol Continues

action shot!

Last week I sent out an email to the beloved purchasers of the toast effort. I lamented my inability up to that point to produce a product worthy of their admiration and monies. I asked them if they desired me to return those monies to them, or if they were willing to wait and see if a gambit I wanted to try would work. And it seemed like the longest shot to me. A simple needle substitution, I was told, would make all the difference in the stitching of the metallic cinnamon swirl.

The needle was procured. Tests commenced. And it worked.

It also did a better job with the glow-in-the-dark thread, whom has also been pretty ‘snappy’ recently. And I’m not calling it well dressed or punctual or anything quite so pleasant. Indeed, quite the opposite. This combined with a slower stitch speed seems to have done the trick. So production has moved forward, I did say slower stitch speed, but we’re now seeing some of the fruits of such a maddening array of options and color combinations.

But all this is secondary to the responses I received from these patient toast purchasers. They ranged from saying simply “I have faith in you,” to “if you can find a way to make this happen I can wait
your design is great so take your time,” and “i want you to take my toast money and go buy yourself a drink and something nice to eat.”

I never imagined that I would still be managing this crazy shirt venture, much less this long, and I never imagined that so many amazing people I’ve never even met would be interested in my wares, and grant me so much of their faith. This fills me with a multi-dimensional feeling of kick ass.