Glowing Skull, Thoughts…

woooo....glowing slightly blurry skull...

1) I’ve taken this ‘simulated glow’ photo. I used blacklight, as my camera doesn’t do low light images worth a hoot. Actual glow will be more of a green, not blue-ish.

2) The original ‘cut out and stitch back in’ idea that the skull replaced was simply too complex for my level of skill at the moment. Maybe someday. It was an octopus

3) Regarding the artist upgrades, I’ve had a taker! Oh yes. And he actually overpaid for the shirt itself (whoops, button code error!). When I asked if he would like the $5 back, or would rather have an addition level of upgrade, he said: go for it.

Man, now I’m really going to have fun.

Which made me realize that the way the buttons are configured someone could add any amount of upgrades as they wish. Wooo, that could push things to new and interesting places, now couldn’t it? Can’t wait to do the double-level shirt already ordered. We’ll see what the rest of the week holds.