Just not ready

thems my feet, the shirt is black...I have yet to reached a product that I feel is worthy. It’s disappointing on many levels. The original design I wanted was simply beyond my ability in the level of complication. It may have been a bit presumptive of me, having no experience with free-motion stitching.

I’ve adapted it to something a bit more attainable, if not actually reasonable. Never being pleased with reasonable, I went back in and rejuiced it with a little of my favorite elements, various shirt/color combinations, and some tried and true glow thread. That re-invigorated. But the rough draft I did tonight had a few edges that were too rough. I climbed up on the chair to take photos of it laid out on the kitchen table, but looking at them now…it’s just not quite where it needs to be. I’ll wear it, but I’m not ready to sell it. Needs a little more tweak tweak. The official post is going to be Wednesday.

And to many it may appear to be an official Tiny Run Halloween shirt. Now, all things considered, if it has a two week run, I ordered blanks with celerity…that timing just might work…

[UPDATE WEDNESDAY] Whoop. Did I say Wednesday? I meant Thursday. But in the interim, I’ve figured out a way to add even more glow to the design…And I’ve also figured out I should have paid the xtra $20 for 2 day shipping when I order 16 lbs. of toast shirts. Delay delay delay.