Successor to the Toast

what could that mess of tentacles be?  whoop!Toast is coming to a close. No really, it is. I’m taking down the purchase buttons right this second, only a few moments post the schedule. The water shed for embroidered toast was not as high as embroidered bacon, but still went further than i had dared to hope. It amazes me that now the fate of all this toast is in my hands, it should be an interesting weekend after I get the blanks. Hey, I have to order blanks!

But when the current king falls, the successor must be chosen, or there is an in-between period that can range from uncomfortable to dire. I’m working on it, as usual, and the usual is that I’m trying to do three new things at once, and the synchronization of learning and performing these dancing bear routines at the same time results in photographs such as the one accompanying this post.

What is it? What indeed. Another lob at internet and shirt memes, with my own Tiny Run spin. There are only three or four more elements of this design that need to be attempted to have a final, working, and hopefully beautiful prototype. This one will probably be vaguely masochistic to reproduce depending on demand, but we’ll see what the internet holds. More soon.