Not Purple Enough

I’ve been reading the marketing blogs again. Seth Godin has a idea, and book, called the Purple Cow. Basically, he’s talking about how the purple cow stands out. Get’s remembered. Etc.

I remember the first time i heard Morphine. I hope the dementia never sets in deeply enough to rob me of that memory.

Just beautiful. Dude playing two sax at once, and another dude with a bass guitar and only two strings, identically tuned. Did i mention his voice? The whole band: all deep, all bass all the time. The simplicity and complication of that is still mind blowing. And the way the music physically hits you in the chest isn’t too shabby either. But take two other dudes and have them wield the same instruments and maybe even a similar voice and would it still be as good?

If the tiny run designs up till now were as a whole viewed as tracks on the first tiny run album, how would it stand up? The embroidered bacon is certainly a hit single. Already a remix ep of buttons only a few months in? I just shake my head no and feel disappointed.

I think the problem partially lies in me being a producer as well as a performer. I’m not purpling it up as much as I should in either role. Splitting the atom doesn’t yield two equal halves, you just get a big ol mess.

Tiny run is one design at a time, new one every two weeks (or so). The simplicity and the complication is there. It’s right there.

But something is still missing.

It might just be a little further over there…somewhere in the edges.