September 2008

Just not ready

thems my feet, the shirt is black...I have yet to reached a product that I feel is worthy. It’s disappointing on many levels. The original design I wanted was simply beyond my ability in the level of complication. It may have been a bit presumptive of me, having no experience with free-motion stitching.

I’ve adapted it to something a bit more attainable, if not actually reasonable. Never being pleased with reasonable, I went back in and rejuiced it with a little of my favorite elements, various shirt/color combinations, and some tried and true glow thread. That re-invigorated. But the rough draft I did tonight had a few edges that were too rough. I climbed up on the chair to take photos of it laid out on the kitchen table, but looking at them now…it’s just not quite where it needs to be. I’ll wear it, but I’m not ready to sell it. Needs a little more tweak tweak. The official post is going to be Wednesday.

And to many it may appear to be an official Tiny Run Halloween shirt. Now, all things considered, if it has a two week run, I ordered blanks with celerity…that timing just might work…

[UPDATE WEDNESDAY] Whoop. Did I say Wednesday? I meant Thursday. But in the interim, I’ve figured out a way to add even more glow to the design…And I’ve also figured out I should have paid the xtra $20 for 2 day shipping when I order 16 lbs. of toast shirts. Delay delay delay.

Successor to the Toast

what could that mess of tentacles be?  whoop!Toast is coming to a close. No really, it is. I’m taking down the purchase buttons right this second, only a few moments post the schedule. The water shed for embroidered toast was not as high as embroidered bacon, but still went further than i had dared to hope. It amazes me that now the fate of all this toast is in my hands, it should be an interesting weekend after I get the blanks. Hey, I have to order blanks!

But when the current king falls, the successor must be chosen, or there is an in-between period that can range from uncomfortable to dire. I’m working on it, as usual, and the usual is that I’m trying to do three new things at once, and the synchronization of learning and performing these dancing bear routines at the same time results in photographs such as the one accompanying this post.

What is it? What indeed. Another lob at internet and shirt memes, with my own Tiny Run spin. There are only three or four more elements of this design that need to be attempted to have a final, working, and hopefully beautiful prototype. This one will probably be vaguely masochistic to reproduce depending on demand, but we’ll see what the internet holds. More soon.

Omni-Directional Love Machine

Office Tiny Run has been blessed by some very kind words recently. Deep vibrato thank you to both Olga and Jason. if you’ve come from either fabulist or preshrunk, hello!

I also recently sent out two packs of shirts. Both customers had ordered a shirt from the store, and I sent them the one they ordered, but also every other shirt style I had in their particular size. That is, they both got two free shirts.

I have derived the highest level of joy from this. And by way of explanation to the recipients I simply wrote ‘bonus’ on the mailer. I don’t know what the deal is, I just up and did it.

There is so much love in the air, it’s like spring all over again.

Not Purple Enough

I’ve been reading the marketing blogs again. Seth Godin has a idea, and book, called the Purple Cow. Basically, he’s talking about how the purple cow stands out. Get’s remembered. Etc.

I remember the first time i heard Morphine. I hope the dementia never sets in deeply enough to rob me of that memory.

Just beautiful. Dude playing two sax at once, and another dude with a bass guitar and only two strings, identically tuned. Did i mention his voice? The whole band: all deep, all bass all the time. The simplicity and complication of that is still mind blowing. And the way the music physically hits you in the chest isn’t too shabby either. But take two other dudes and have them wield the same instruments and maybe even a similar voice and would it still be as good?

If the tiny run designs up till now were as a whole viewed as tracks on the first tiny run album, how would it stand up? The embroidered bacon is certainly a hit single. Already a remix ep of buttons only a few months in? I just shake my head no and feel disappointed.

I think the problem partially lies in me being a producer as well as a performer. I’m not purpling it up as much as I should in either role. Splitting the atom doesn’t yield two equal halves, you just get a big ol mess.

Tiny run is one design at a time, new one every two weeks (or so). The simplicity and the complication is there. It’s right there.

But something is still missing.

It might just be a little further over there…somewhere in the edges.