August 2008

Good Good Things (good good toast)

it may not be much, but i love itGood things don’t just happen. Good things come to those who wait.

Screw that. Good things come to those who kick ass.

I’ve been a little distant recently. Apologies, to my few loyal visitors. You are few but you are strong, and I hope to do right by you. I hope to do toast by you.

I’ve spent some time now, locked in Tiny Run Labs, watching this one design progress ever. so. very. slowly toward fruition. But here is the next step in my embroidered breakfast item conquest. I give you this sneak peek at the next, ever-so-very-delayed design:

TOAST: as you like it!

This is just a basic test stitch-out, checking the lay of the land, or stitches, whatever. It’s a proto-proto-type. The final version will feature three varieties of toast done-ness colored shirts, an undetermined variety of crust color options, a pad of glow-in-the-dark butter, and an as of yet untested cinnamon swirl! Layers of layers of goodness. I just had to share; it’s too exciting.

TOAST is going to be the best thing ever. Promise. I’ll have it done soon, I just need a little more time. Hold on, good things are coming.

The Big Three

you'll never get em!The day i wore my 3 shirt to work someone commented that they thought it was a vintage Lucky Charms shirt.

While the vintage issue is result of the shirt style combined with the pseudo-distressed nature of the graphic, it wasn’t really my intent. I wanted to reproduce the 3 as I saw it. But fine. Vintage. Ok.

But Lucky Charms? Weird. I would think the Lucky Charms shirt would be some kind of 7. But then, there were balloon marshmallows weren’t there? Why not threes.

I love the proof of concept support he offered though. Multiple interpretations or directions from one shirt. It was a weird comment, sure, but also a nice pat on the back.

gone fishin’ (for submission)

plug it in

Tiny Run was never meant to be the ‘Mostly Just Hilesh and Michael Show’. Even if that can be an exciting marathon trial of Create Create Create. And even though just recently, we had two artists step up and put it on the line, I’m still looking to expand the party. I’m itching to see what everyone might like to bring to the potluck.

So I have reposted the ‘submissions‘ page with the hope that people want to come out and play.

So, who’s feeling playful?

The Day Hilesh Learned to Fish

“The Day Hilesh Learned to Fish”
Michael Cianfrani
design run of 08/03/2008 through 08/24/2008

These two prints sets were hand screen printed by me today, while Hilesh learned to fish in the background. It was a good day; he might have caught a tuna.

There are ten of each design on chipboard, measuring 8 X 9 inches, and will be shipped flat. They are numbered and signed, with an ample border suitable for framing. This is the first print I’ve had on Tiny Run, and so it’s not the usual on-demand version of things. Once these are gone they are gone.