July 2008


potter's tantric triangleHanes grayHanes brownAmerican Apparel brownAmerican Apparel forestBella armyBella brown
Lonnie Potter
design run 07/07/2008 through 07/20/2008

I wish I could succinctly explain Lonnie Potter, but I think it may be impossible. I must say that this man who has no online pretense, no portfolio for me to link to, but who has excelled at every creative desire his unwavering melon has chosen to explore, has considered this design with more thought than it may appear. Every color position, every element has been scrutinized with an unblinking eye. We went over the shirt colors available at the direct-to-garment printer together, and he considered each in turn. These are the choices he made, careful choices, as one might make if cribs full of babies were inside a elaborate and evil contraption, and their survival or demise was weighed on his pick of color juxtaposition.

(Sorry about not picturing the Bella navy blue. It just broke the rhythm of the layout. If you really wanted to see the navy blue bella pic, it’s over here.)

Life waits for no shirt

We interrupt our regularly scheduled shirt design…for some quality holiday time this weekend at Project Tiny Run. I had a good deal of moments with friends and family that had little to do with shirting the world with interesting things. A welcome and needed respite.

But a little of this weekend did deal with this Great Shirt Project.

And so that number will be up tomorrow. I appreciate your patience…take another moment to consider the big green 3.

More soon.