Great Gorilla!

that's an awesome ape

I spied this sleeping gentleman on the train earlier this week, spied his excellent shirt and silently rejoiced. And then silently grabbed this photo.

A single color print on a red shirt. No url, no logo, unless the gorilla head itself is a logo; it appeared to me as a study in shirt elegance. Just an excellent ape head. I immediately wanted one.

And based upon this photo, I could easily approximate the art, and have a batch printed. I could feature it here on Homeland Tiny Run and perhaps spread this simple gorilla cranium joy across all the land. But ethically, can it be done?

The ape is awesome and I do want one. My wants compel me, but all the same I cannot. I wouldn’t want someone to appropriate anyone’s art from Tiny Run, even if the reason is the sincerest form of larceny. There are more shirts in heaven and earth that have yet to be made, I will settle into the singular joy of just knowing this shirt is out there, like a tiny atom upon the wind, interacting amongst all the others. I’m not one to run out of ideas and need to borrow excellent others; there is always more work to do that I already have planned…