July 2008

Great Gorilla!

that's an awesome ape

I spied this sleeping gentleman on the train earlier this week, spied his excellent shirt and silently rejoiced. And then silently grabbed this photo.

A single color print on a red shirt. No url, no logo, unless the gorilla head itself is a logo; it appeared to me as a study in shirt elegance. Just an excellent ape head. I immediately wanted one.

And based upon this photo, I could easily approximate the art, and have a batch printed. I could feature it here on Homeland Tiny Run and perhaps spread this simple gorilla cranium joy across all the land. But ethically, can it be done?

The ape is awesome and I do want one. My wants compel me, but all the same I cannot. I wouldn’t want someone to appropriate anyone’s art from Tiny Run, even if the reason is the sincerest form of larceny. There are more shirts in heaven and earth that have yet to be made, I will settle into the singular joy of just knowing this shirt is out there, like a tiny atom upon the wind, interacting amongst all the others. I’m not one to run out of ideas and need to borrow excellent others; there is always more work to do that I already have planned…

One button set to rule them all

And I thought it was hard to take pictures of shirts, sometimes…but as is the trend, the actual item arrives quite beautiful, and much more pleasing to the senses than the original mockups.

For your perusal and eventual weak consumer moments, I humbly present the set of buttons that commemorates the first five designs of the Tiny Run Venture. I’d be more likely to do another set if I could get over my mistake of leaving the first production run of buttons on the train. That caused some discomfort. And by discomfort I mean my throat was sore from all the screaming.

But! I sprung for another production run, and those who purchased them during their original run will have them in hand perhaps tonight.

Other people! Please proceed to the store and have your fill. Seriously. I’m not sure about the code and need someone to give it a test?


he's packing now...So yes, I’ve started a twitter account.

Of most of the modern web accounts and pages that “make good business sense to just have”, the most common being myspace, facebook and twitter, the latter actually makes some actual-worth-my-time sense. The others would serve no purpose for me and my Tiny Intents, or no purpose that has yet to be revealed to me. I’d imagine someday perhaps, like playing peek-a-boo, the napkin will drop and I’ll see what was right there all along? No, perhaps not. But twitter? Yes, I think I can see it now.

I can give forth some of the bits of the Tiny Run process, and people can get a grasp of the where and the when of products that they may have purchased. Kinda like the eateries where you can look into the kitchen and see your food being cooked. Someday there will be an equivalent to coming to the table and cooking your food right there for you, in terms of shirts, but I think for now this is a pretty good deal.

The feed appears on the site at the sidebar/footer down down there at the bottom of the page. Or you can follow along with your own twitter account. I’m all about giving options.