June 2008

Secret Store becomes less so

the button that means business!I’ve added the button here and to the top navigation that leads to the Tiny Run SUPER SECRET store.

It was super secret for a brief moment while email list subscribers filled their bellies with various Tiny Run necessities. But now the production remnants are up for all to enjoy. And I’ll be adding back in the form for email sign ups shortly after this very busy weekend’s total site overhaul has left it missing…

But please, avail yourself of our wares!


Hilesh Patel
design run of
06/7/2008 through 06/21/2008

I will stop making Hilesh Patel shirts when he stops making awesome stuff. This is a dark (and organic!), rather unique blue from American Apparel with a two color Hilesh screen printed design adorning the front.

[EDIT 6/22/08] Be on the lookout for a surplus of this design in the store in the future…Join the mailing list to make sure you don’t miss out…


we'll get control of the vertical, we'll get control of the horizontal...

Banks and banks of humming machinery. I’ve never seen so many knobs.

Maybe I’ll try that one there. Hold my hand Charlie, there’s a good fellow…

Things will be back to looking good later, I swears. In the meantime, look away…

[EDIT 06/09/08] UPDATE: Things seem to be working better, displaying more consistently. Welcome to the new look. As usual, if anyone notices anything, let me know. At this point, general site issues should be resolved, and let the tinkering, the endless fiddling, begin

ALSO, those that payed attention to the apple.com update today probably found as many errors as I did…aw. It’s nice to see that even the big boys occasionally need a moment to straighten their tie, tuck in their shirt.

Check out THAT CHIN

ooo, dramatic!This post is mostly to benefit the RSS friends of Tiny Run. I just wanted to make sure you caught the pics I added to the feelings are like tapeworms shirt/entry. This one features my forward looking half-profile!

I really wanted people to have a more of an idea of what this shirt is like. It’s almost like a mini-quilt on your chest. With words. I’d like to hear if anyone has seen anything like this before, because I never have. Two days left for this design and then something new and exciting!

Update RE: byzoek shirts: I’m still waiting on that refund, as soon as I get my monies back I will be reordering these…

Update RE: buttons: just got the second round of color corrected buttons, they are looking soooo much better. Just one more fix and then the final order for those should go out…

Update RE: store: I’m working on it. Really really really.