Weights and Measures

can you tell that the spike is the BACON?Someone asked me last week how Tiny Run was doing.

I immediately spouted, “Great! It’s doing great! Are you kidding me?”

I went on to explain that the whole Tiny Run idea was structured in such a way that really allowed it to succeed. Really, really easily. Measuring things with money can really kill anything neat. I’ve amazed myself by tossing all that offal into the rubbish bin. Really, you can do so much better than money. How about measuring things by how much they rock?

One person ordered the last shirt design. One. Most companies would keel over at such sales. The minimum order for the printer for a two color shirt is twenty! I’ll have nineteen extra! (Ok, eighteen since one shirt is for me…) By most business measuring standards that’s a loss. A pretty bad one.

INSTEAD! Replace those standards with a few simple guidelines. Really simple. Thusly:

Do I think it’s awesome? Again, are you kidding?

The next metric is a little more difficult. Since I’m starting from the location indicated above, chances are I’ll just be multiplying by awesome, and how could that be bad? But the next measure, I’d call it the Party Principle. The Party Principle is a measurement of how much fun something is, and is summarized as a level of fun that is dynamically altered by the amount of participants. By dynamic I actually mean slightly-exponential.

If more people come along for the Tiny Run ride, then the party bus grows. Now, some are subscribed by rss, some via the email list (again, I stress this is best as there are occasional goodies and notices sent here and nowhere else!), and so I see you, come in via something or other. You don’t comment. You don’t send me pictures of yourself in shirts. But you’re here. And the more the merrier.

You allow my fun to multiply, and I’m in your debt.