Points of origin


I have a clothes archive. I feel a little guilty about it. Items I never intend on wearing again, but can’t part with. And when I open the box and get that nostalgic flood, much less a look at the cool shit, I can’t help but continue to hold onto these items.

And lo, a shirt from the very first concert I ever went to. Feast your eyes and laud me with praise, as yes, my very first show was Siouxsie and the Banshees. And look at this amazing shirt! First of all, the edges of the table there in the photo? That’s my dining room table. It covers the whole thing. I used to wear my shirts big, but this screen printed gem was only made big. One size fits all. It was the style, yo.

I loved wearing this shirt all through High School. I think it was the first really awesome shirt I ever owned. It was followed hard upon by a legion of other concert shirts, but there’s still something different about it, something that I still can’t place. Aside from the huge image on the front, sending the band name to the back. It sings to me, and I’d like to think it was the origin of me thinking differently about shirts.

And aside from the amount of wear for years, it’s still in superb shape, with minimal cracking. Quality! But with this and the few others I have kept, from concerts or occasions or limited editions or hand made, should they be archived? Should they be held onto in the closet for all time, in a box? What else could be done with them? I’ve never seen anyone really give a solution that makes sense.